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The Sigtuna Standard is a new way to conduct creative meetings and conferences in a safe manner – in spite of the pandemic. The Sigtuna Standard consists of two key parts. One, methods and procedurals for pandemic safe hotel visits, designed collaboratively by hotels in the Swedish city of Sigtuna – well renowned as a first class destination. Two, a Covid-19 adjusted toolbox for safe and effective meetings, produced by and based on the methodology of Hyper Island. Everything has been thoroughly reviewed and consequently approved by Anders Ekbom, Professor in epidemiology at Sweden’s foremost medical university, Karolinska Institutet.

What is The Sigtuna Standard?

The Sigtuna Standard is a collaboration between Destination Sigtuna, Hyper Island and Anders Ekbom, Professor in epidemiology. The project is financed by Region Stockholm and Sigtuna Municipality.

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This is how it works

Destination Sigtuna: SAFETY

All the meetings and conference providers that have contributed to The Sigtuna Standard follow the "Safe to visit" guidelines for Covid-19, developed by Visita, a trade organization representing over 7000 Swedish hotels. Among many things, the "Safe to visit" guidelines include safety measures to help conference participants maintain social distancing at all times.

Hyper Island: CREATIVITY

Since it's founding in 1996, Hyper Island have become renowned for its methodology, which focuses on ways for companies and organizations to work creatively, collaboratively and efficient. Hyper Island have developed a bespoke Covid-19 adapted toolbox for The Sigtuna Standard. The toolbox consists of creative tools that give people an opportunity to conduct efficient meetings, build their teams, and innovate, without compromising on the current recommendations for social distancing.

Anders Ekbom: SAFETY

Anders Ekbom, Professor in epidemiology at Sweden's foremost medical university, Karolinska Institutet, has thoroughly reviewed the tools, methods and procedures of The Sigtuna Standard and consequently approved it as a safe way to conduct meetings. The toolbox is aligned toolbox with what's being recommended by the Swedish authorities, and will be updated at if the recommendations change.


The Sigtuna Standard follows the recommendations from Swedish hotel, hospitalty & event trade organizations Visita and Svenska Möten. To create a standar for meetings that are not only safe, but also highly efficient, Destination Sigtuna has collaborated with renowned communication school and institution Hyper Island. The collaboration resulted in a Covid-19 adjusted toolbox, that was approved by an epidemiologist. Read more below.

  • Safe to visit

    All the meetings and conference providers that have contributed to The Sigtuna Standard follow the “Safe to visit” guidelines for Covid-19, developed by Visita, a trade organization representing over 7000 Swedish hotels, as well as the recommendations from Svenska Möten. The Safe to Visit guidelines includes precautions regarding hygiene and social distancing to be adhered to throughout the stay at any of the hotels and event spaces. Read more about the safety work of the hotels here

  • Toolbox

    The Sigtuna Standard Toolbox is available as a resource for anyone who likes to work in a creative and collaborative environment. The toolbox consists of a series of exercises, activities and methods inspired by the Hyper Island methodology. The tools were handpicked and tailored specifically for hotel guests, but they have been made accessible for everyone who want to conduct safe and creative meetings.
    Click here to see all the exercises.

  • Book conference

    Book safe and safe conferences that allow you to focus on what’s important for your business, while the facilitator are responsible for the safety and efficiency of the meeting. The first 10 bookings with The Sigtuna Standard will include a facilitator free of charge. Read more about the concept and book your conference here