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Find the answers to the most frequent questions and thoughts about The Sigtuna Standard below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out!



What is The Sigtuna Standard?

The Sigtuna Standard is a new way of arranging physical meetings in a safe manner, in spite of Covid-19. A tailored toolbox with 14 exercises that focus on practical security as well as creative activities guides you through the entire process, from how a meeting can be executed to how the whole experience is adjusted to current Covid-19 recommendations.



Who is behind the initiative?

The Sigtuna Standard has been formed through a collaboration between Destination Sigtuna and their connected facilities, professional meeting experts from Hyper Island and Anders Ekbom, Professor in epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet.



How does it work?

There are two main areas that The Sigtuna Standard focuses on in order to create successful meetings; practical safety and creative exercises.The Sigtuna Standard Toolbox consists of 14 Covid-19 adjusted tools that have been tailored to fit everyone who wants to arrange safe and efficient meetings. The toolbox is constructed of a series of exercises, activities and methods, inspired by the Hyper Island methodology. The purpose is to help companies with teambuilding, creativity, innovation, efficient feedback, strategy, and more.

  • Practical security: A physical meeting is worth more than a digital one. Anders Ekbom, Professor in epidemiology, has engaged in optimizing the entire visit, accommodation and meetings included, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The recommendations are based upon the guidelines from Svenska Möten and the professional body Visita, but have been tailored to specifically fit conferences, management meetings, kickoffs and more.
  • Creative exercises: With or without Covid-19, it has been proven that the efficiency in meetings tend to be different from time to time – depending on situation, facilitation and content. In order to enhance the quality of existing meeting structures, The Sigtuna Standard is taking the importance of creativity into consideration by having creative exercises perfected by Hyper Island. These exercises have been adjusted to current recommendations, in order to minimize the spread of the disease.



Can The Sigtuna Standard be used elsewhere?

Yes, the tools are free to download and available to everyone.



Why have you created The Sigtuna Standard?

Ever since the pandemic blew up, many people have been working from home. Many believe that there are lots of advantages with digital meetings, whilst others are afraid that longterm development and creativity is hard to achieve through a video link, especially since video conferences tend to be more draining of energy than physical ones. Facing this challenge, Destination Sigtuna and the connected hotels felt it necessary to create The Sigtuna Standard, to be able to satisfy the needs of not only their own guests, but that of many people who long to meet in real life.



Why the collaboration between Destination Sigtuna and Hyper Island?

Covid-19 has resulted in many meeting facilities facing a big loss in their incomes. During 2019, Sigtuna was the fourth largest municipality in Sweden, measured in the amount of overnight stays at hotels in Sweden.  Their collaboration partner Hyper Island, known to be one of the world’s best communication schools and renowned for their efficient meeting processes, also see a huge decrease in their income, related to the pandemic. Both of them have identified a need of developing new ways for how companies and organizations work together. The collaboration was formed with the purpose of creating new solutions for creative and evolving business, during current or future pandemics.



What is Safe to Visit?

Safe to Visit is formed by the professional body Visita, and consist of four informative guides with precautions for how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at restaurants, hotels, campsites and conferences. The purpose of the material is to make it easier for organizations within the hospitality industry to keep open and create safe environments for their guests and staff. The guides have been created through a dialogue with the Swedish authorities and Swedish Hotels and Restaurant Workers’ Union.



How does Sigtuna’s meeting facilities work in order to minimize the spread of the disease?

Sigtuna’s meeting facilities have taken a lot of precautions and we actively work to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while securing safe meetings for our staff and guests. The safety work is based on recommendations from the professional body Visita as well as precepts from the Swedish authorities. Every premise and dining room is spaciously furnished and the amount of guests are limited. Meals are served by portion instead of buffet, the cleaning routines have been extended and there are several hand washing opportunities, as well as hand sanitizers available all over the premises.