Sigtuna is an important meeting destination today with a long and rich history in hospitality. Destination Sigtuna’s hotels are known for their first class hospitality and are actively working to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while securing safe meetings for our staff and guests. The safety work is based on the trade organization Visita’s recommendations, that have been developed based on the recommendations provided by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Below is a brief summary of all the precautions that are being taken in Sigtuna, in order to secure safe meetings.


This is how we work in order to secure safe meetings and events:

  • Ahead of the meeting, we provide every guest with pertinent information that states the importance of not attending the meeting or event, if any symptoms of Covid-19 should occur.
  • Participants that belong to groups of risk are encouraged to take extraordinary precautions.
  • There is clear information about general hygiene recommendations.
  • There are distinct marks on the floors, with the purpose to encourage people to keep apart.
  • Every premise and dining room is spaciously furnished and the amount of guests are limited.
  • Enablement of technological tools have been adjusted in order for the participants to be able to choose if they want to participate physically or digitally.
  • Meals and fika are served by portion instead of buffet.
  • There are several hand washing opportunities, and hand sanitizers are accessible all over the premises.
  • The staff is keeping distance towards guests as well as themselves. Every staff member wash their hands and use hand sanitizers on a regular basis.
  • The cleaning routines have been extended both at general areas and hotel rooms, with an extra focus on bathrooms and contact areas. Extra cleaning sessions have been implemented between switches of groups and during breaks.
  • Different groups are being held separate from each other.
  • In order to not spend too much time together in the same premise, it is suggested to arrange shorter activities with several breaks in between.
  • Alternative, creative solutions are suggested. For instance, in order to spread the participants in a big group, you could divide the group into several smaller groups, use more than one premise and extend the meeting over more days.
  • Parts of the meeting can be arranged outdoors, such as walk-and-talks and coffee breaks.


This is how we work in order to secure safe overnight stays

  • Every guest is being offered a single room.
  • Different groups are being offered different corridors or hotels.
  • The breakfast is being served by portion at the table.


We also want to remind you that every participant is responsible for washing their hands, keeping the distance and staying at home while being sick.